New product review: Raw Revolution

Today, I am reviewing a bar I just tried for the first time. It’s an exciting day! (At least for me!)
Generally, I’m not the type of person to choose a bar over, say, nuts or fresh fruit as a snack. I also don’t insist upon gluten-free, since I don’t have celiac disease and there’s little evidence to support a gluten-free diet otherwise. However, I also cannot resist a good bargain, so when I saw these on one of my discount shopping websites, I had to try it.

raw revolution

Initially, my inner skeptic thought, “it’s vegan, raw, gluten free, and on sale, so it probably tastes terrible.” I am pleased to report that I was proven wrong. It was both chewy and crunchy with nice chunks of almonds. The raspberry flavor was perfectly balanced with the chocolate. It was pretty amazing, really.

Here’s the breakdown:

What I liked:
1) The flavor, obviously. You can’t really go wrong with anything called chocolate truffle. This particular brand comes in other flavors, too.
2) There are exactly eight ingredients: cashews, sunflower seeds, agave, dates, cocoa, almonds, raspberry powder, and flax (all organic!). I’m big on simplicity and pronounceability, so they got major points for this.
3) It actually filled me up. I’m known for being kind of a “bottomless pit”, so this is impressive. It’s been an hour since I’ve eaten it and I still feel satisfied.

What I didn’t like:
Honestly, there wasn’t really anything I didn’t like. I’m not sure how much these cost in retail, but I’m willing to bet they’re quite a bit more than what I paid. (I got them at for about $10 for a box of 12.)

Basic Nutrition Facts: 220 calories, 5 g fiber, 7 g protein, 11 g unsaturated fats (including omega-3s from the flax, bonus!)

The bottom line: Worth it! If you can find these at a reasonable price, go for it. (Or go for it anyway if you don’t care about price!)
I look forward to trying some of the other flavors if I can find them on sale.

Cookies for breakfast? Yes please!

I’m getting bored of cereal. Sometimes I just need something a little different. I found my salvation in these breakfast cookies from Oh She Glows. Behold — the Oh Mega Carrot Cake Cookies!!

Delicious. Breakfast. Cookies.

Delicious. Breakfast. Cookies.

(The photo was taken during my breakfast this morning — does NOT do this cookie justice!)

I have to give a shout-out to Angela Liddon right here. You may also know her as Oh She Glows from her blog of the same name. She has truly made me a believer in how amazing and flavorful a vegan diet can be. If you have not seen her blog, I highly recommend you check it out. She also has a new cookbook out that, in my opinion, is a kitchen essential. All the recipes are vegan, many are gluten free, all are DELICIOUS! I have literally not made a single recipe from it that I didn’t love. I’ve even gotten my carnivorous husband to try some of them. You’ll see a lot of her recipes on my blog, but here’s the link to the recipe: