New Vegan Lunch Box!

Good morning, world! Got a new lunch box for ya — enjoy!

I’ve been playing around with a new photo collage app I got, so be patient. Trying to make things a little prettier (like I do with all other things in life!)


Clockwise, from top left:

Morning snack — Smoothie (made in my new Ninja!!): Beets, apples, and nectarines

Lunch — Black bean and vegetable soup, with extra hot sauce on the side….I like it spicy! Large spinach salad with grape tomatoes, carrots, onions, tortilla strips, and sliced avocado. (This entire thing came from the cafeteria at work!!) Today I used a lime dressing from Newman’s Own…it goes so well with the avocado.

Afternoon snack — chili & lime-flavored roasted chickpeas. I am prooooobably addicted to these. (Note: You can definitely make your own, but I find they don’t store well. You have to eat them all at once. If anyone knows something I don’t about this process, please share your knowledge, oh wise one!)

Morning snack, part 2 — Sea salt pistachios

That’s all, folks! As always, have a healthy and happy day!

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