First product review!!

I’ve decided to start doing a monthly product review for you, my dear followers. There are so many products out there, all of which claim to have some major health benefit, but with no regulations, how is a consumer supposed to know what is legit and what is bogus? Fear not — I am here to help!!

My first product is called Greens by a company called It Works! They are a company that makes a variety of health products, including detox wraps, supplements, moisturizers, etc. I was recently invited to a “wrap party” and, despite my initial skepticism, I was actually sold on the Greens. (The wrap was cool and I lost an inch around my belly area, but I’m not here to talk about that.) The Greens are a concentrated, powdered blend of a ginormous variety of fruits, vegetables, and other plant compounds. We were given a small sample (mixed in water) at the party so we could taste-test.

(Sorry for the blurry ingredients, but most of it should be legible!)

(Sorry for the blurry ingredients, but most of it should be legible!)

I chose the individual packets for convenience, but it also comes in a large canister. I tried my first packet on Sunday, and have had two more since. Here are my thoughts:

What I liked:

— Ingredients are all natural, pronounceable, and non-GMO (HUGE plus as I refuse to eat anything GMO!).

— It contains Bacillus coagulans, a probiotic that promotes digestive health.

— It does not contain caffeine or any other stimulants.

— I really did feel an increase in my energy level after drinking it. (In fact, the label advises not to drink it 3-4 hours before bedtime for this reason!)

— The flavor is not bad. I think it is also available in orange.

— It’s vegan and gluten-free.

What I didn’t like as much:

— It’s a little pricey, at $30 for 30 packets.

–The color might be an issue for some people. When put in water it turns almost black.

BUT: You get what you pay for. I’d rather spend $30 on this once a month than some cheap vitamins with unknown ingredients. Think of it this way — that’s less than the cost of 5 grande coffee drinks at Starbucks, and with way more health benefits!

Bottom line: Worth it! This is especially good for those who have a hard time getting enough fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Below is a link to the URL where you can order if you are interested. This is the page of the rep I used, but you can search the general website for someone local to where you are.

If you try it, please let me know your thoughts!

Have a happy day and be well!


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