Spring time means fresh veggies!

Apple. The fruit and flowers.Here in Virginia, the weather is a fickle thing. After lots of back-and-forth between snow, rain, warm, and cold, it seems spring is here to stay. Hurray! That means time to start the vegetable garden! Growing your own food is much easier than you think, whether you’re limited to containers on a patio or have many acres. The vegetables you grow are tastier, healthier, and best of all, you enjoy the rewarding feeling that comes with knowing you have provided food for your family — no supermarket needed!

My husband made us some raised beds, which I HIGHLY recommend, especially if the soil quality isn’t great where you live. You can fill in the beds with compost, vermiculite, and other rich materials to give your seeds a great start. Plus, it cuts down on weeding. It’s a win-win!

Soon, my little "baby basils" will be ready for transplanting!

Soon, my little “baby basils” will be ready for transplanting!


What are you growing this year?
So far, I have planted dill, chives, strawberries, potatoes, kale, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, turnips, onions and garlic.
This weekend I will be planting squash and cilantro. I will be posting pictures of the veggies' progress as well as harvesting when the time comes, so stay tuned!!

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  1. Jean, I love your blog! So inspiring, colorful and fun! Plus it’s not stuffy or judgemental. I will be following you regularly! I plan to buy the “Oh She Glows” cookies too. Awesome! Keep up the good work; er, um, I mean eating AND posting!

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